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58th Annual Forum, 2017

The 58th Annual Transportation Research Forum was held on April 20-21, 2017, at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


The Program Co-chairs were:

Joe Schwieterman, [email protected]

Ian Savage, [email protected]


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We are pleased to announce the following awards:

President’s Award: Samuel K. Skinner, U.S. Secretary of Transportation, 1989 – 1991

Distinguished Transportation Researcher: Kenneth D. Boyer, Michigan State University

Herbert O. Whitten TRF Service Award: Joe Schwieterman, DePaul University

Best Paper Award: Yuan Chen (University of California at Davis) for “Modeling Supply and Demand in the Chinese Automobile Industry” (coauthored with C.Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell, Erich J. Muehlegger, Yunshi Wang and James E. Wilen)

Best Student Paper Award: Kun Wang (University of British Columbia) for “Modeling Airline Competition in Markets with Legacy Regulation:  The Case of the Chinese Domestic Markets”

Runner Up in Best Student Paper Competition:  Michael Hyland, Zihan Hong, Helen Karla Ramalho de Farias Pinto and Ying Chen (all Northwestern University) for “A Hybrid Cluster-Regression Approach to Forecast Ridership at Bikeshare Stations: Case Study of Chicago’s Divvy System”