Annual International Meeting

Our Annual International Meeting attracts attendees from across the globe.  Unlike some other conferences, which are largely “listening sessions” in which attendees have limited opportunity to converse with speakers, our Annual Meeting is highly interactive.  We typically allocate 30 minutes per podium presentation, thereby providing ample time for discussion.

What to expect.  The Annual Meeting typically begins on a Thursday with technical tours and an afternoon session featuring graduate-student research and poster session, followed by an evening reception.  The next day, typically a Friday, includes full day of presentations and Awards Luncheon with a keynote speaker.  

The “TRF Advantage”.   Our Annual Meeting is attractively priced and designed for busy professionals, with its manageable day-and-a-half format.  The Meeting typically attracts around 125 students and professionals, making the attendee experience far more personalized than at larger conferences.  Presentations of research are typically followed by vigorous discussion at coffee breaks and our reception, providing a rich intellectual experience that encourages many attendees to return year after year.

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