Agricultural & Rural Transportation Paper Award

Past Recipients

  • 2010: Marvin Prater, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Ken Casavant, Washington State University; Eric Jessup, Washington State University; Pierre Bahizi, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Daniel Nibarger, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Bruce Blanton, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Isaac Weingram, U.S. Department of Agriculture, “An Investigation of Rail Freight Transportation Competition”
  • 2009: James Nolan, University of Saskatchewan, and Andrew Laing, Carleton University, “Price Dynamics and Market Structure in Transportation: For-Hire Grain Trucking Along the Alberta Saskatchewan Border”
  • 2008: Rafael F. Costa and C. Parr Rosson, Texas A&M University, “Impacts of Improving Transportation Infrastructure in Brazil on the World Soybean Market”
  • 2007: Ken Casavant, Marcia Gossard, Eric Jessup, Washington State University, “An Environmental Paradox, Global Warming, Salmon Restoration, and Wheat Transportation in the Pacific Northwest”