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St. Louis

Since its founding in 1764, St. Louis has enjoyed a rich history in trade and transportation due to its geographical confluence of transportation activities.  The region is the home to four interstates, six Class I railroads, the third largest inland port, and five airports making it a transportation hub that connects the area to national and global transportation networks.

The aim of the TRF–St. Louis Chapter, established in 2018, is to create an impartial meeting ground for the academic institutions of the Greater St. Louis region to discuss and collaborate on research, student engagement and community outreach.

Research outlets include the annual national conference, TRF meetings and webinars, and referred paper selections in Research in Transportation Economics.

Student engagement and community outreach is achieved through tours, expert presentations and panel discussions, webinars, and networking events.  Visit Events to view the calendar of scheduled events.

Drawing from the strong transportation education, the St. Louis Chapter hosts a Student Paper Contest to award outstanding papers on current transportation issues written by students in the Greater St. Louis region.  Click here for more information on the student paper contest.

Additionally, and importantly, St. Louis has been chosen as the host site for the 2021 national conference, providing your students and faculty the opportunity to engage and present on a national stage.

St. Louis Chapter Board Members:

President:  Michael Edwards, University of Missouri – St. Louis
Treasurer:  Gertrude Pannirselvam, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
Education & Programs:
          Jill Bernard Bracy, University of Missouri – St. Louis
          Michael  Marzano, Lindenwood University
Secretary: Honey Zimmerman, Western Illinois University

2023-24 Chapter Members

Jill Bernard Bracy

Michael Edwards

Michael Marzano

Christopher Mondy

Ray Mundy

Gertrude Pannirselvam

Anthony Vatterott

Yulia Vorotyntseva

University of Missouri – St. Louis

University of Missouri – St. Louis

Lindenwood University

Washington University

University of Missouri – St. Louis

Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville

University of Missouri – Columbia

St. Louis University

Upcoming Events:

2024 International Meeting of the Transportation Research Forum – April 2024, Arlington, VA

Student paper contest – more information coming soon…

Contact Information:

Contact the St. Louis Chapter at [email protected]

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