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Chicago has always been a hub of transportation in North America, so it’s logical that the city should host a local chapter of the TRF. Chapter officers and members meet quarterly to discuss the newest transportation innovations and research at local universities, and at planning and operating agencies throughout the region.

The Chicago chapter builds on a long history of TRF activity in the Windy City. While that activity gradually faded as large railroads left the city as a result of bankruptcies and mergers, today, a third of the nation’s rail freight originates, terminates or passes through Chicago. It is home to the nation’s busiest airport and second largest transit system. Its highway system is large and complex. The Chicago chapter of TRF provides a unique forum for transportation researchers and professionals that serve this large and complex system to share ideas, address challenges and build on opportunities facing the Chicago area.

Upcoming Events

The Chicago Chapter is planning a full slate of events for the 2022-23 academic year, including several members-only events. 

For information about chapter activities, or to discuss ways to get involved with the chapter, please email Allison Woodward at [email protected]

2022-2023 Chicago Chapter Officers

President | Joseph Schwieterman
Vice President, Programs | Kenneth Dallmeyer
Vice President, Membership | Mark Boyle
Secretary/Treasurer | Yasmine Outlaw
Chapter Communications | Jessica Kupets, DePaul University

Contact the Chicago Chapter at [email protected]

Photos: Gareth Pon