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Insights into Amazon Air

Chapter Host: Chicago  |  June 2, 2020  |  26 minutes


Joe Schwieterman & Jacob Walls discuss the impact of Amazon Air.


Dr. Schwieterman is a Professor in the School for Public Service, Department of Public Policy, and Sustainable Urban Development​ program. He is an expert in the fields of public policy, transportation and urban planning, and is the author of numerous books and peer-reviewed articles on the development of cities and transportation.

He has consulted with prominent national organizations on planning and development issues, and advised national trade groups and research organizations on trends in transportation. Dr. Schwieterman also serves as the Director of DePaul’s Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, which promotes effective urban planning, as well as president of the Chicago Chapter of the Transportation Research Forum.

In addition to having published more than 40 technical articles, Dr. Schwieterman has authored five books, including The Politics of Place: A History of Zoning in Chicago, which won an independent book publishers award. His most recent book, Terminal Town, offers an illustrated history of Chicago’s airports, bus depots, and train stations since 1939 and is presently featured in a traveling exhibit circulating throughout the metropolitan region. Since joining DePaul, he has also published an illustrated history of planning for the Chicago region, “B​eyond Burnham,” and a book about the abandonment of American railroads, “When the Railroad Leaves Town,” which was a finalist for the prestigious George Hilton Award.

Dr. Schwieterman is frequently seen and heard on radio and television, making appearances on Chicago Public Radio, and WBBM’s Noon Business Hour. His work through the Chaddick Institute has also been featured in USA Today, Bloomberg News, and the Chicago Tribune.


Jacob Walls

Experienced Law Clerk with a demonstrated history of working in the Legal Services industry. Skilled in Research, urban development/transportation policy, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Sales. Strong legal & urban development professional. North Central College Alumni. Obtaining a Master in Public Policy from DePaul University.

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