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Deborah Carter McCoy, MPA

Deborah Carter McCoy, whose expertise lies where the natural, built, and human environments intersect, is a key player in the Transportation Research Forum’s Minneapolis-St. Paul chapter. Drawing upon her experience in sustainability, transportation, and major infrastructure projects, Ms. Carter McCoy serves as director of strategic communications for Environmental Initiative, Midwest Row Crop Collaborative, and Sustainable Growth Coalition. She has created and led campaigns, long-term planning projects, and social media strategies, including an award-winning campaign for Union Depot in St. Paul, Minnesota. An award-winning web content developer, she is leading her third organizational website redesign. Exposure during early childhood to her parents’ civic engagement shaped her lifelong passion for volunteering and acting for equity. Ms. Carter McCoy was instrumental in coordinating a recent TRF webinar that focused on the proposed 2nd Amtrak train linking Chicago and the Twin Cities, which attracted more than 100 participants.