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Hoof Trimmers Association

February Board of Directors Meeting

Thank you for letting me use you as guinea pigs.  This web page is obviously for a different client, but they are hoping to use this new feature for their virtual conference and I think it might be good for our webinars and any virtual things we do.  Primarily, I’m thinking sponsorship ad space and keeping our attendees seeing the HTA brand (of course, if this works we would build it into the HTA website rather than using someone else’s.)  This space could be used to display sponsor ads or for sponsors to play a video of some kind before a meeting/virtual session.  The video above is just an example of how this might work.

As always, the meeting documents are available at   Remember, you will need to login to the HTA website to reach that page.

Please give me your thoughts during the meeting.

Thanks! above

Board Meeting

Meeting date January 1, 1970 7:01 pm
Password: 442591
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