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The Future of Transit Bus Service in the US

Chapter Host: Chicago  | Oct 7, 2020  |  54 minutes


This webinar, hosted by the Chicago Chapter in cooperation with FleetMotum, LLC, explored issues and opportunities facing transit agencies throughout the United States with respect to their bus operations. The event, moderated by Brian Antolin, CEO of CoTo Travel, and David Hall, FleetMotum, featured an expert panel that included: Adelee Le Grand, Vice President, Transdev North American; Dan Hibbert, Division Chief, Montgomery County Ride On, Maryland Department of Transportation (DC Area); Naomi Klein, Director of Transportation Planning Westchester County Department of Planning (NYC Area); Ryan Ruehle, AICP, Rapid Transit Corridor Planner, Pace Suburban Bus (Chicago Area); and Steven Brown, AICP, Project Manager at HNTB.  We learned how agencies are responding to the significant challenges brought about by COVID-19 and emerging strategies for agencies, business owners, and public-private partnerships.

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