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June 2023

Joseph P Schwieterman, Ph.D. July 2021 Transportation Research Forum community, The Transportation Research Forum gained much momentum over the past year.  Our 64th annual Forum in Chicago during April attracted 135 attendees and featured dozens of excellent papers and posters.  In addition, our four technical tours attracted 105 people, including many local professionals who were […]

May 2022

Joseph P Schwieterman, Ph.D. July 2021 In the midst of a busy time for the Transportation Research Forum, I’d to draw attention to some important news, including next week’s “Tolls and Trucking: A Value Proposition” webinar, Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at 1 pm ET, featuring the Reason Foundation’s Robert Poole. Scroll down for all the […]

July 2021

Joseph P Schwieterman, Ph.D. July 2021 Members and friends, Summer brings good news to the TRF community. Many members feel a great sense of relief—and excitement—about being able to freely travel again as pandemic health restrictions ease. Our organization finds itself in a position of financial strength due to the success of our 62nd International […]