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Best Poster Award

Best Poster Award Past Recipients 2023: Virginia Sisiopiku and Furat Salman, “Impacts of Ride-Hailing Services on Transportation Network Performance in theBirmingham Region” 2022: Mitra Salehi Esfandarani, “Equitable Distribution of Freight Transportation: A Case Study in Tennessee”


The Transportation Research Forum awards outstanding performance in the field in six categories. Agricultural & Rural Transportation Paper Award Best Paper Award Distinguished Transportation Researcher Award Graduate Student Best Paper Award Herbert O. Whitten Service Award President?s Award

Agricultural & Rural Transportation Paper Award

Past Recipients 2010: Marvin Prater, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Ken Casavant, Washington State University; Eric Jessup, Washington State University; Pierre Bahizi, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Daniel Nibarger, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Bruce Blanton, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Isaac Weingram, U.S. Department of Agriculture, “An Investigation of Rail Freight Transportation Competition” 2009: James Nolan, University of […]

Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award Past Recipients 2023: Patrick McCarthy, “Health Factors, Mode Choice, and Time-Cost Trade-offs: Evidence from Out-PatientTrips to Health Care Facilities” 2022: Cesar Rivera Trujillo, “Establishing the first economic regulation of the Mexican rail concessions” 2021: Justin Tyndall, “Pedestrian Deaths and Large Vehicles” 2019: Suhrid Deshmukh, Michele Bustamante, Richard Roth, and Randolph Kirchain, “Results […]

Distinguished Transportation Researcher Award

The Distinguished Transportation Researcher Award recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves as research scholars in transportation. A committee, chaired by the TRF President, will evaluate nominees based on their work. The award is presented during the TRF’s Annual Forum. Past Recipients 2023: Ian Savage, Northwestern University 2022: Aisling Reynolds-Feighan, University College Dublin 2021: Kara Kockelman, […]

Graduate Student Best Paper Award

Graduate Student Best Paper Award Past Recipients 2023: Michael McCormick, “The Network Impact of Consolidation of Full-Service Airlines in the 21st Century” 2022: Zakhary Mallett, “Inequitable Inefficiency – A Case Study of Rail Transit Fare Policies” 2021: Xavier Harmony, “Can Transportation Network Companies Replace the Bus? An Evaluation of Shared Mobility Operating Costs” 2019: Fecri […]

Herbert O. Whitten Service Award

Herbert O. Whitten Service Award The Herbert O. Whitten Service Award was named after the TRF founder and first TRF president Herbert O. Whitten. The award is given to a TRF member whose contributions to the Transportation Research Forum have played an important role in the history of the organization. A committee, chaired by the […]

President’s Award

The President’s Award recognizes an individual in transportation who has made significant contributions to the practice of transportation management, operations, planning, finance, public policy and other professional areas of endeavor. Individuals selected for this award will have exhibited leadership and innovation on a regional or national scale that has resulted in improving the mobility of […]